Crescent Island

Crescent Island

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Adventuring to Crescent Island

Hello all! I have officially been in Kenya for two weeks now, and I have done so much! It has been great meeting some of the staff here at RVA, and getting my house set up. I have taken tons of pictures and done tons of things - too much to write about it all here.

I thought today that I would share pictures from my trip to Crescent Island on Lake Naivasha. Crescent Island is where much of the film "Out Of Africa" was filmed. And when they were making the movie, they brought in animals to make it seem more African. The animals were left at the end of production, and now it is an animal park that you can walk around on. 
Crescent Island on Lake Naivasha
We took a boat ride over to the island so that we could see some hippos along the way. So, without further ado, the pictures:
Katie and Carolyn ready for the boatride
Waterbuck grazing by the lake
A hippo checking out the boat as it passes 
I saw a hippo!
Crescent Island
Another shot of the island and the lake
A herd of wildabeests
Zebra grazing in front of acacia trees
More wildabeests and zebras
Can you find the giraffes hiding in the trees?
There they are!
1 month old giraffe
A couple more giraffes eating from the trees. 
Katie watching the giraffes
Me with Mt. Longonot in the background

An impala skull
Another shot of the lake from the island

It was a fantastic trip out to the island, and very fun to adventure before the craziness of the term begins. I am working on getting lesson plans ready and watching auditions to select the choir members for this year.

Thanks for reading, and I will post again soon with more adventures!

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