Crescent Island

Crescent Island

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Safari pictures galore!

While my sister and uncle were in Kenya visiting me for Christmas, we adventured to the Masaai Mara for safari. It was one of the most incredible trips I have ever been on, and it made me fall more in love with this beautiful county I get to live in. We stayed at the Fairmont Mara Safari Club, which I would recommend for any non-residents to stay at for safari, because you go in the conservancy and not the main park, which means you don't pay the exorbitant Mara fees for each ride. It was also just an incredible resort to stay at. It's a tented resort, right next to the river, with amazing staff and fantastic service.

Each day we had two rides into the park, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each one of our rides lasted two and a half to three hours. And it was simply gorgeous each ride, even when it poured rain on us. We saw so many animals on our rides: elephants, giraffes, zebras, buffalo, lions, dik-diks, Thompson Gazelles, wildebeest, Topi, rhinos, hyenas, hippo, warthogs, impalas, ostriches, and so many more. 

All three of us wished that we had more time, but at least we have hundreds (if not thousands) of pictures to keep the memories alive. Without further ado, happy scrolling through the few photos I chose to share!

sister and uncle at the Fairmont main entrance

My sister and I shared this luxurious tent. #glamping

Our view from our deck

A lion couple resting on their "honeymoon"

We visited a Masaai village one afternoon

A tower of Giraffes

One of the two hyenas we spotted

Stuck and waiting to be towed out of the creek

Another day, another chance to interrupt the lion honeymoon

Buffalo country

Elephant sighting!

A gorgeous backdrop for the ostriches

White Rhinos - Queen Elizabeth and Kofi Annan

My favorite shot

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Sometimes you get a flat tire while on safari 
I spotted this hippo on one morning drive.


A lioness hunting in the rain

She was not fazed by our truck

Queen Elizabeth

The ever elusive safari paparazzi

The end. 

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  1. oh my word, these are incredible!!!! thank you for sharing, lovely lady!